Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Illinois

The State of Illinois has a long rich history with the Klan. At its peak in the late 20’s there were an estimated 50,000 members in the state of Illinois alone, with a National estimate of 5 million members. The Klans presence demanded much respect, not for the bad things that is written in history books, but for the nonviolent ways that Klan members operated. Donations of money, food, clothing and a lending hand to widows, orphans and the homeless was an everyday occurrence. During prohibition the Klan went head to head with organized crime to bust up prostitution-gambling-illegal liquor stills and corruption on all levels. In 1919 the Klans position was about installing family values in their communities. Church going White Protestants with honor and patriotic duty was the norm, unlike todays society that is filled with sin and immoral behavior.

About the time WW I ended the Klan was gaining members at an astronomical rate. Out of the Southern part of the state rose a man, not just any man, Mr. S. Glen Young was a veteran of the war and wanted to help turn his communities around and he was appointed a sheriffs deputy. The methods in which he made his arrests were unorthodox but still, many arrests were made. The sheriffs department eventually had to relieve Young of his duties. Shortly afterwards he decided to join the Klan and from then on he took the bull by the horns, Busting up more stills and gambling joints than ever before. The Sheltons and the Birgers was the leading criminal force that ruled Southern Illinois. The two, once rival gangs joined forces to repel the Klans distaste for sinful things, then the war was on.

As the years went by, parades began to draw Thousands of spectators and were more than welcome throughout the country, especially in Chicago’s Marquette Park District during the 60’s - 70’s and early 80’s where Klansmen held rally’s and marched against Gangs, Illegal Drugs, and Violent crimes, which plagued the streets of Chicago for many years. Today in Illinois we are experiencing the growth of the Klan once again, with many new members taking the oath for God, Race, and Nation. The White Christian’s of this state are beginning to realize how a corrupt Illinois Government has left a lingering effect on everyone in the state. Religious Freedom and the Bill of Rights are also becoming endangered with each passing day, Time has come to take a stand against the newly appointed administration. The U.N.S.K. will continue to preserve and protect the true moral values this country was founded on, and the never ending fight for our right to exist.

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