Our goal is straightforward and easily understood; yet it takes a lifetime of hard work and sheer determination to achieve. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen the Anglo-Saxon American culture and Christian heritage of all white, Christian patriots by engaging with the present culture on a daily basis with small, conscious activities that preserve and strengthen the traditional American culture.

“We do not choose to be common men. It is our right to be uncommon if we can. We seek opportunity – not security. We do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled, dulled, by having the state look after us. We want to┬átake the calculated risk; to dream and to build; to fail or succeed. We refuse to barter incentive for a dole. We prefer the challenge of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment of the state of calm utopia. We will not trade freedom for beneficence, nor our dignity for a handout We will never cower before any master or bend to any threat. It is out heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for ourselves; enjoy the benefits of our creation and to face the work boldly and say, This I have done!” ~ Robert M. Shelton

Christmas 2018

A little over two thousand years ago the world was lost in sin and darkness, and many were looking for a Saviour. God, in His infinite love for man, sent His own son to be born a baby in a lowly manger. Salvation for the world. Light unto the darkness. Through Him man was able to be reconciled with God and become joint heirs in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now, we are in the height of the Christmas season. Christmas songs are playing, decorations are everywhere, gifts are being bought and wrapped and huge meals are being planned. Travel arrangements are being made and people all over are ready to celebrate. It truly is “the most wonderful time of the year”. The problem is, way too many do not know the real reason for it.

The world today is in that same sin filled darkness as it was two thousand years ago. Crime is rampant, people are starving, many do not have proper health care, politicians are corrupt, many courts are crooked, perversion of all types is at record highs, and the list goes on. People are just plain lost. The answer today is the same as it was back then. A baby born in a manger. Today, that babe is grown, glorified and sits at the right hand of the Father. Jesus is waiting for God to tell Him, Son, go get your church. As Jesus waits, so do the Christian people. Looking for His glorious return to once more rid the earth of evil.

This time, he will not come as a baby in a manger, or as a humble servant, but as that which He truly is, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Yes, He is coming to take His people out and make things right in this wicked world. This is the good news shared by Christians everywhere. The thing is, one must be saved by Him to be rescued by Him. Those that ignore or deny Him will be left behind. They will not share in His new world. They will forever be in a world of darkness and suffering. Accept Him now as time grows short.

The signs He gave us that point to His return have all been seen. As He said, they will wax worse until the end. The end, which is the new beginning for His people. Today, we watch and wait as they did all those years ago. Sadly, many did not accept Him for who He was and today many still don’t. Today, as back then, He is ridiculed by many, laughed at, scoffed at, and made fun of or totally rejected. The day is coming when every knee shall bend, every head shall bow, and every tongue confess Him as Lord of Lords. However, on that day ,it will be too late for those that have rejected Him.

As Christians, we are not without sin as we all are born of a sin nature. We are sinners saved by the Father’s amazing grace. We strive to do better and fail miserably but what Jesus did at Calvary paid the price. We are bought and paid for by His suffering, death on the cross, and glorious resurrection.

Satan and his demons know just who Jesus is. They flee at the sound of His name. They are now believers, those that have died denying Him now know that He is real, but, it is too late. Don’t wait. No one is guaranteed even one more breath. We know not the day or hour when we shall give up this earthly body and step into eternity. For us as Christians we know that to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord. That being said, for us, the old saying rings true. Oh death, where is they sting? Oh grave, thy Victory? Jesus gave us victory over sin and death itself and all we need do is ask Him into out hearts. Just as we are waiting on Him, He is waiting on those that have not accepted Him. Every day He does not return is one more day of God’s grace for those that are lost to receive salvation and avoid eternal hell. What better time then at this Christmas season? God has given us so much now give Him a gift, the gift of yourself.

You can not imagine just how much more of a great Christmas you will have then having it being one of His. It gives a whole new meaning to what Christmas truly is. We in the Klan know the real meaning of sacrifice, the true, real Klan, not the phony rogue ones that trample all over our real laws, edicts, principals and traditions. We know what it means to do for those that can not do for themselves. We also know what sufferings and torments Jesus went through so that we might be saved. We know His majesty and glory. So much better to be able to forget self and do as He taught. No, we are not perfect as we are mortals but, we do know how to try, and also who to go to for forgiveness of our shortcomings. Give it a try as you have nothing to lose but eternal damnation.

Please join me in saying to my Lord, my Saviour that saved me from a life of misery and from going to eternal hell, the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!