Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Virginia

The Klan has a wide ranging history in Virginia. The history of the Klan extends from one side of the state to the other. At one time, the Klan had their own radio station in the state. "The Washington Post", of Monday, August 1, 1927, stated that the station was WTRC, the Twentieth District Republicans. It was funded and run by Mr. James Vance, and his "Fellowship Forum", whose subheading was "The Voice of the ku Klux Klan in America." Vance was Grand Wizard of the Klan in Virginia. The radio station eventually settled in Mount Vernon Hills, in 1927. The Klan was large and influential in the 20's, both in the United States and in Virginia. The Klan was spreading the gospel of Christ and the word of who they were, and what their mission as a patriotic, fraternal, Christian organization was. They had at first, protected the white Southerners from abuse and mistreatment from carpetbaggers, scallywags, and freed negros, after the War for Southern Independence, but later they faded from view and then only started to have any notable visibility, after the Klan's second era started in 1915. The Invisible Empire's visibility, as well as their membership numbers, were erratic during the following years. They continued, however, to press forward, as only strong Christian, white men and women can, regardless of the odds stacked against them, by the opposition. Today the klan enjoys more power and influence than at almost any other time in history, since the 20's, because of the hard work and dedication of its membership in the state. We are heavily involved in protecting our children, our rights, our way of life and defeating politicians who threaten our values. If you're tired of standing on the side lines and watching your country and its future destroyed before your eyes, with no regard for the welfare of your children and their children, then please join us!!

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