Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Texas

The history of the Klan in Texas, goes all the way back to the years of Reconstruction in the South. There were several different branches of the Klan in Texas, which were many times, poorly organized. Most of the Klan activity in the state, was focused in Northeast Texas and 20 different counties, extending from Houston North, to the Red River.

Roger Q. Mills, a secessionist and later a congressman, coordinated activities of the Klan in the state, but many times these activities were autonomous. The Klan all but disappeared in 1870 and was disbanded shortly afterwards. Several years passed and then the need for Klannish activity resurfaced after World War I, and reached its Zenith in the 20's with an estimated 2 million members, many of whom were famous, and some, even politicians. Many were state officials and even some were in law enforcement. The Klan in Texas, was bringing back traditional morality and opposing alcohol, by supporting Prohibition. It was a fraternal organization for the white religious people in Texas. A dentist, Hiram Wesley Evans, was elected Imperial Wizard ( national director) at the first national meeting in November, 1922. The Klan had large chapters ( Klaverns) in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and other large cities. They helped get many politicians elected or defeated in the state, including Earle Bradford Mayfield, to the senate in 1922. At one time, there were approximately 150,000 members of the Klan, in Texas alone! The Klan has gone through several changes through the years since, and while its membership dropped off during the Great Depression, it is now making a noticeable rebound in the state , and recruiting many new members, for the upcoming challenges, that the state and the country will be facing in the near future.

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