Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of South Carolina

The state of South Carolina has always had a long history of the Klan going back to the reconstruction of the 1860’s. Klaverns still exist in the Greenwood, Ware Shoals, Laurens, and other areas of our great state. What ever flavor of Klan there is, there is one (1) that the U.N.S.K. is not. We are not the violent, hate-filled racist group of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The U.N.S.K. is a law-abiding, peaceful organization who believes our nation as a whole is becoming politically and morally corrupt. We are not racists, but we believe in the voluntary segregation of the races. We believe that our government needs to take into account and be held accountable that our people and our children need help in our own country, instead of sending billions of dollars worth of aid overseas to corrupt governments. Jobs have been lost in South Carolina by the thousands and sent overseas to China, Pakistan, Thailand, and Mexico. All because they want to make the items cheaper yet still retain their marked-up market value. This has caused the brain-drain of the college youth in our state. Our college youth are leaving our state in droves for other high-level manufacturing areas. The values once held high in our nation now have been gutted and corrupted to be just a feel-good, meager measure of what once was. The religious values have slid to where it is now the dollar who rules in our churches, instead of our almighty God. Everyday we see where it is now the norm for homosexuality, race-mixing, sexual abuse to permeate our society, instead of the abomination as set down by the Bible. Our state has been permeated by gangs and gang violence of a level previously unheard of. Ten to fifteen year old children are committing more capital crimes than ever in our lifetime. It’s time for white America to wake up and take back the America our ancestors knew and loved with their last breath. It’s time to make our politicians aware that their self-serving ways are not to be tolerated anymore. The U.N.S.K. is looking for a few good men and women who want to be involved in how our country moves forward. Are you the type of person who finally realizes that it’s time .. to stand up. It’s time .. to be counted.

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