Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of New York

The KKK is enjoying a resurgence in membership, all over the Country, including the state of New York. Hot Button issues, such as gay marriages, immigration and urban crime, are making people more conscious and concerned about where this country is headed and what needs to be done to stop the downward spiral. The state of New york has many people concerned about what to do to arrest the threat of uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal. The Klan is addressing these concerns, as well as the concerns shared by many other citizens of the state, which threaten the way of life for decent Americans. The problems of drugs, immorality, crime, and the destruction of the American family, are among the concerns that the Klan is addressing, both in the state and in the country. The Klan is fighting hard to rebuild the society that our forefathers established and keep our children safe and help to provide them with a good future. The left considers us a threat to America, but we know where we stand, and it's on the side of good, clean, decent American families, from California to New York and every state in between!

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