Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Missouri

The Klan has a unique history in Missouri, known as the "show me state". It was the background for a court battle, that culminated in a Klan victory in March 5, 2001. The Supreme Court, without comment or decent, allowed the Klan to participate in the "Adopt a Highway" program, despite much opposition. The Klan had applied to the "Adopt a Highway" program in 1994, to clean a half mile section of interstate 55. It was finally ruled that the state had unconstitutionally denied the Klan's application, based on their views. The Klan in Missouri, is still going strong and looking for new members. The Klan has always been there through good times and bad. Missouri was a border state during the war between the states, and the Klan was there when it was most needed. The current turmoil within this country, of the moral and social structures that have long been in place, have made the Klan more needed now, than ever. The Invisible Empire is here to support and protect, the conservative, social and moral fabric that makes up the state. We are looking for good, Christian, white men and women, who want to make a stand and protect what this country was meant to be by its founders.We are looking for people who see that the danger to our Republic is very real and that good men and women are needed in an organized effort to safeguard our country. If you want to help us make a difference, then please fill out an application today.

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