Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Massachusetts

The Klan in Massachusetts, has had a colorful history. They have been present in Cambridge, as well as other various locations in the state. They have had marches and rallies in Boston and other cities in the state as well. At the present time, the Klan is growing steadily and looking for new members. The Invisible Empire is needed like never before and this is especially felt in Massachusetts. With the moral and social decline in our country at an all time high, the people in this state, feel the need for the Klan's presence, like never before. We believe in standing up for the rights of disinfranchised whites and protecting the defenseless and the unborn. We believe that this country was founded as a Christian nation and that the best interests of its citizens are fulfilled in the segregation of the races. We believe that the Almighty God has ordained each race as being seperate and distinct, and the interests of each is best fulfilled by remaining segregated. We are in many states of the USA and in several countries, where people feel the need to stand up for their rights and to help preserve the white race. We realize that the need to reject the tenets of secular humanism and its underlying creeds, puts us in opposition to many on the left, but we are dedicated to standing firm on our Christian faith and protecting the children and the unborn, as well as the less fortunate. If you feel that you would like to take a stand, please contact us or fill out an application.

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