Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Louisiana

The Ku Klux Klan in Louisiana, has a history, that goes back almost as far as the origins of the Klan itself. The Klan initially started off, as a small group of Confederate soldiers, who wanted to form a social, fraternal club for themselves, after the War Between the States. The Klan soon had to defend the South against Northern aggression, once the Federal Northern government began taking away the rights of Southern whites, and letting negros take control of the government of the South, which quickly led to inner turmoil here in the state, and the South in general. The rights of whites , such as trial by jury, of second amendment rights, due process and habeas corpus, were all threatened, if not completely taken away. The Klan stepped in, to defend the women, children and the defenseless, here in the South, against these infringements. Since they were going against a corrupt, but established power, they had to wear masks, and ride at night ( knight riders), at times, to protect the less fortunate from the atrocities committed by the Federal government. This fact alone, lead to some people, taking the Klan's tactics for rightful justice, and using them for their own interests, to start pillaging, robbing and murdering people. There had to be a stop put to these acts of violence, and so the Klan started to fade from the scene, in 1877, until it was revived in the second era, in 1915, by Col. Simmons. With the Federal government, starting to once again infringe on individual liberties, and with the ungodliness in what was once our God fearing nation, the time for the Klan has once again resurfaced. Our nation and the state of Louisiana, needs good, Christian, white men and women like never before. If you feel like making a difference in your future and the future of your children and grandchildren, then why not write to us for more information on our organization in your state?

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