Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Kentucky

The Bluegrass State is made up of roughly 4.3 million people. Of that total population, we are 87% White, 8% Black, and 3% Hispanic. Yet, over the years, the White population of Kentucky has slowly declined, and the Hispanic population has slowly increased. Indiana is at 6% Hispanic, Ohio is at 4%, Tennessee is at 5%, Virginia has an 8% Hispanic population, and Illinois tops them all with 16% of the population being Hispanic. How long do the citizens of Kentucky think we will be the lowest on this population totem pole? When every state around us is being presented with a climbing Hispanic population, Kentucky won’t be behind for long. Illegal immigration is a problem that affects us all, not just large cities. Small towns are often overrun with illegal immigrants simply because their police and sheriff’s departments don’t have the manpower to fight it. The government won’t step up and help out or take responsibility, and small towns and rural counties cannot put forth the dollars to protect their residents. It simply becomes like a plague of Locusts, and soon they overrun everything in the area.

When you look at statistics and racial makeup of large cities and small towns alike, the effect is startling. Most of the Hispanic population is made up of undocumented immigrant workers, those here on expired work visas, or simply illegal immigrants. Of those, almost none have health insurance. Thus, when they go to the doctor or hospital, we (tax-paying citizens) foot the bill for their health care that we are legally obligated to provide for them. This not only makes your taxes go up, but also your health care and insurance costs as well. It’s a large burden on honest, hard-working Kentuckians. You’re being asked to cover someone else’s cost, and it’s not just on healthcare. It affects us on insurance (health, life, auto), our public schools, our police, ems, and fire departments (who often are called out more and more as the populations increase), not to mention the loss of local jobs which are often times given to someone who will work for a much lower wage and no insurance. All of this combined spells disaster for the state of Kentucky and its tax-paying citizens.

We can simply sit by, and wait on others to do something about, just as those in Illinois or Virginia have done, and get the same end result as they have gotten. Or, we can stand up and do something about it BEFORE it’s too late. The United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a fraternal, Christian, pro-White organization that is here to help stop the spread of illegal immigrants not only around the nation, but in Kentucky. We are a non-violent group that is here to raise awareness to local counties, cities, and towns, and stand up for White, Christian Kentuckians.

Even if you don’t side with the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, please do something. Call your state Senator or local Congressman and ask them to do more to protect Kentucky from becoming a haven for the criminals that cross our borders illegally every day. Tell them your tax dollars are too important to throw down the drain.

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