Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Realm of Florida

Florida has long been a stronghold for the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. During the Great Depression klan membership saw a decrease nationally. Florida however remained strong Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa had the most powerful klaverns. In 1939 Hiram Evans, former Imperial Wizard, testified before congress that Florida had the strongest realm in the nation.

Post WWII the Ku Klux Klan saw a revival intiated by Dr. Samuel Green, an Atlanta doctor, who formed the Association of Georgia Klan. The revival spread to Florida and six other states. On election night 1948 Florida Klan paraded from Lake County to Wildwood to show support for Dixiecrat Presidential Candidate Strom Thurmond. In 1949 Klansmen held a motorcade through Tallahassee. Newly inaugurated governer Fuller Warren, was a former klansman. A bridge was later named in his honor in Jacksonville. Also in 1949 klan power grew quickly particulary in Orange county, ranks included prominent lawmen, businessmen, and elected officials. Apopka and Winter Garden had a high number of membership including the Cheif of Police, Constable, Nightguard, and Justice of the Peace. Seventy-five percent of Apopka's male population was klan.

The biggest growth for Florida klan was in the 1960's when the Civil Rights movement swept the nation and Jim Crow laws were enacted. Jacksonville remained as the strongest klavern. Nathan Bedford Forrest high school a former all white school in Jacksonville is named after the first Imperial Wizard.

Today, we are seeking men and women who want to become a part of the rich klan tradition in Florida. You can make a difference and change the demoralization of our great state. Protect the future for the youth of today. Give the tourist a reason to come to Florida. We have more to offer than Disney, Bike Week, and miles of sandy beaches.

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