Why the UNSK?

This is a very good question and one that is asked by almost every potential member. There are many answers to this, and many reasons why the U.N.S.K. should be the Klan of choice.

We are a traditional Klan that not only calls itself traditional but lives the traditional Klan life and ways. We teach original Klankraft to our members. We encourage studies on this and value the ones who achieve the ranks and move up. We research continuously the way the Klan was originally meant to be, what it stood for, and what it did. We do our best to follow in these footsteps.

The U.N.S.K. is a family, not just in words but in actions. As a family we do not take just anyone into our ranks. Our application process and background check system is one of the toughest around. If you do not meet our requirements for membership, then you do not get in. We turn down a lot of people. Drugs are strictly forbidden, and so is the abuse of alcohol. Violence in one’s character is another that is reason for denial; naturally any sexual predator crimes or crimes against children. Our family members only want people that they all can feel safe around. For the ones who want to sit around smoking dope, getting drunk, and talking wild extremisms, go somewhere else, as you will be denied here. So will non-Christians who apply.

Unfortunately, there are others out there who do take these rejects. We are asked quite often why is there so much disharmony between some different Klan groups? This is one reason. There are groups that take banished members, or ones who have been kicked out for violations of the constitution. In the old days when one got banished it was good throughout the Invisible Empire as it should be. Some today are trying so hard to grow and “be somebody” that they even take ones like this. Sad, but true. There are some who will also spend valuable time spreading slander and lies about others thinking that they can cause disharmony among the members of established groups and get some to quit and go join them. This is despicable in the eyes of a true Klansman. Any Klan group who will try and take members from others should never be considered as reputable. If they were doing the right things then people should already be applying to them. They are also building on a foundation of sand and theirs will never last.

There probably always will be strife between groups and that is a shame. Way too many will not accept what the majority of the group wants. Unfortunately in every group of people not everyone gets to have it their own way, or as they think it should be. This is the correct way to run an order. Majority rule without fear or favor. Ones who can’t accept this quit, and at times go join someone else and cause the same problems for them, eventually. One who is mainly concerned with self is not a true Klansman anyway and we really do not want them.

Here, we may not always do what is “popular” with some groups out there, but what we do we do as true Klansmen and as Christians. Being a Christian is not only saying some words but also living a life that is pleasing to God and “unpopular” with some at times. This is fine because God’s own Son, Jesus Christ was not “popular” with everyone all of the time either.

Some things here that we hold dear to our hearts are honor, trust, devotion, dedication, commitment, integrity, and valor. To dishonor any of these is to dishonor not only one’s self, but also this family and that will NOT be tolerated. You cannot strive to be the best with second place losers. Even when our people here fail at something, they do it honorably. They admit to their mistakes, correct them, and move on. They do not try and lay blame on others. This is refereed to as growth.

Here, we do not waste our valuable time going around to others sites and leaving nasty notes, or insulting their members, or spreading untruths on people. We are too busy trying to do something for others to waste time on such foolishness. There are some out there who make a careerer out of this. What they don’t realize is that the honorable Klan groups consult with each other and compare notes as to just who is doing what. Some doing such actions are usually referred to as the court jesters rather than Klansmen.

A member who has a concern with us is always encouraged to bring it to the attention of a higher ranking officer. These issues are recognized and studied by the Imperials. If a change needs to be made, then it is. However, change is done for the betterment of the ENTIRE group only and not just for one persons self indulgence. By taking the majority’s wishes into account then the whole is the better for it. When only one or two disagree with something then it is their sworn duty as a Klansman to try and make it work for the overall good of everyone. This goes for everyone from the newest member to the Imperial Wizard.

Another thing with the U.N.S.K. is that you are much more than a number. When you have problems this entire order will pull together to help you. You are not just one who pays dues and sits in the background. Your dues here go to the betterment of the entire order. Not one person here takes a dime from the dues. This money goes back into the group one way or another. Every penny is accounted for coming in and going out.

Being the best has it’s problems. One who strives on being all they can be is always under the scrutiny of those who can’t. That goes with the territory. We worry about what is going on with us, and let the rest do as they wish. Our alliances with those who can be trusted are very strong indeed because they know too of the integrity of the ones here. When something from us is promised, it is delivered. If it appears that I am bragging on the U.N.S.K., that is correct. Not because of me, but because of the great and wonderful hard working people who make up this family.