The Klan

Are you as tired as I am of hearing everyone’s expert opinion on the Klan? Funny thing is most of the ones who talk about the Klan have no real idea of what the REAL Klan is. They have cloudy concepts. Bits and pieces from shows like Jerry Springer, Mississippi Burning, or any number of Hollywood pieces of hype. Worse yet, the Southern Poverty Law Center and their tales of horror. Of course if I got the tens of millions in donations that they get I would want the Klan to look as bad as possible too so I didn’t cut off the income from those who live in such “fear” of the Klan.

What one sees of the Klan is but as the tip of an iceberg. The major body lies beneath the surface not visible to the human eye. This is also where the largest solid mass of the Klan exists, beneath the surface. The genuine Klan is not made up of a bunch who like to be seen in public, usually with 5 to 10 members standing in front of some public building doing nothing much more the causing a disturbance. The REAL Klan is made up of people who live a life of sacrifice and doing for others.

People call us “racists”. We are not racists but we are separatists. We believe God is His infinite wisdom created the races different with different characteristics and each with a different culture. By race mixing we are really destroying God’s own work. We are also eliminating the white race and that is a fact. Whites are not reproducing in the numbers that others are. They are controlling their birth rates mainly because of financial responsibility. Add to this the fact that many are now engaging in open homosexual relationships and they do not reproduce,(thankfully) and others are involved in race mixed relationships and they do not reproduce whites either. We also have hundreds of thousands who are using abortion as a form of birth control, also eliminating more whites. These are all facts. Meanwhile we “reward” minorities by giving them increased welfare assistance for each child they have.

We do put out informative fliers and newsletters and are labeled “racist hate mongers” for this. Our information comes from organizations like the Department of Justice, the F.B.I., the National News Medias, and local law enforcement agencies. More facts. I guess because people do not like the statistics, it is our fault. Meanwhile, organizations like the Black Panthers and others can call for the murder of all whites and nothing is said or done about it. Even when they preach this hate on national t.v., it is largely ignored. Is there anything more racist then calling for the murder of people simply because of their color? If we as Klansmen did that we would be in jail before the sun went down.

Where people get confused is thinking the Klan is one large group. It is not. The Klan today is made up of bunches of groups and honestly, some of them are no more genuine Klan than a Jew is Catholic. These “rogue” groups do not follow tradition, or protocol of the original Klan. They basically do their own thing and in my opinion should be shut down. Some of their “leaders” are in it for nothing more than being able to make money from their members. In the U.N.S.K. not one member gets one dime from any income we have, and, the financial records are there to prove it. We file a tax form with the I.R.S. each year and account for each penny that comes in and each one that goes out. Many times we take up private donations to help someone in need and no, it is not always just a Klansman who we help. One donation we gave this year was to a fund set up for the families of two police officers who were murdered in the line of duty. It didn’t go as a donation from the Klan either, (but one particular individual who works on the committee for fallen police officers knows it was from us). We don’t do things like this for publicity, but because it is the right thing to do. Helping those in real need, regardless of color. Yes, that is a fact too.

Ever since the Klan was started there have been numerous times that they helped people of color who were in real need. They have built churches, given food donations, monetary donations, clothing, even helped ones who were being threatened. These are all provable facts. Did any Klansmen ever do wrong? Certainly. Name one organization who never had anyone do anything wrong. Even our blessed Saviour had a Judas who betrayed Him. Peter denied him 3 times. Did this make all of the disciples bad? Of course not. Does a few police officers doing something wrong make the whole lot bad? Certainly not. Neither does a few Klansmen doing something wrong make us all evil.

If people were to really research the true beliefs and works of the REAL Klan, they would have a whole new concept on what the Klan really is. We ARE a true Christian order and no one is admitted without a belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are by our own constitution not racists. We are not allowed to persecute others because of their color or religious beliefs. We are sworn to non-violence, in the offensive manner. (Now, the thing here is IF someone or group attacks us, then by all means we WILL defend our family with every means at our disposal). We do not take violent offenders, child molesters, drug users, alcoholics, perverts, or the like and we do extensive background checks to keep these kinds out. We also work with law enforcement of all levels. We anonymously provide information on a number of things we find going on. We follow and believe in the works and teachings of Jesus Christ. Not some watered down feel good hype religion but the one true word of God, the Holy Bible, literally.

Given all of this, then why are we so persecuted? Go to the good book and see what the Lord had to say about that. Pick up your cross and follow me. He promised that His followers would be tormented, tested and persecuted. That they would live and face hard times and even be put to death for believing in and following Him. As we see more and more today with the divide of good versus evil in the world Christians are routinely being killed around the world for their belief in Christ. Right here in America more and more Christians are being abused for their beliefs. One thing about us, we will not stumble, we will not fail and we will not surrender our religious beliefs to anyone or anything. We are in this for the long haul.

Wait a minute, you say. What about the Klan groups that I saw on shows like the History Chanel, or Springer, or where ever? I would suggest you do as we do and keep a good healthy distance from them as they are not real Klan nor are they in it for the right reasons. Like I tell our people, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. When they promise you things like big titles, or huge publicity, or tales of fame and fortune, then you better watch out as they are not genuine and it will wind up costing you.
Stop and think for a minute. If the Klan was so evil, and full of hate and wrong doers, do you think millions of good Christian people would have joined back in the twenties? They had a much higher respect and obeying of the church and Christian ideals then society does today. They, and people like them are what makes the Klan what it is. You can belong to a legal organization like the U.N.S.K. and walk proudly as you are living and doing the things that we as followers of Christ are supposed to do. If you are thinking of joining another group, and yes there are a few good groups out there, do your homework very carefully and watch what you are joining.