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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 orange, brown and gold leaves are falling quickly now and the trees are getting bare, bracing for ole man winter. The chill is in the air and it is time to begin unpacking the Christmas decorations. Children are starting their wish lists. The stores are putting up decorations and getting the stock out and ready. Once again the  Christmas Season is fast approaching.

     Many are getting into the spirit, while some are looking at their bank accounts and charge cards to see just how much they can buy and afford. We have gotten way too caught up in giving, without realizing what we are giving for. Sure, it is very nice to get good presents. We all like that. Nothing wrong with it either.

     As kids we always got excited this time of the year. Mom was beginning to prepare for Thanksgiving and that meant a lot of good food and baked goodies. I still enjoy these. Plans for Christmas were being made. The Sears and Wards catalogs arrived and each page was studied carefully, while trying to figure just how much we could ask for. Shopping trips to the mall were in order and it was great to go see the many decorations.

     During all of this though we were also heavily involved in getting ready for the church Christmas pageant which was a most necessary part of it all. We were taught and knew this whole wonderful season was about the birth of Jesus. There was no argument about it "offending" anyone. If it did, that was just too bad for them. I still feel that way today.

     Schools, and many brain dead teachers from liberal arts colleges, are giving way just like the government does. Calling it "winter recess". Not allowing Christmas carols, Christmas plays, manger scenes or even saying Merry Christmas. A lot of businesses go along with it too preferring "Happy Holidays". Don't fall for the political correctness of this most special season. If they are offended, too bad, so sad but this is the holiday acknowledging the birth of Christ, period. Don't cheapen it.

     God loved this world enough to send His Son as a precious gift to us all. A chance for redemption given absolutely free to us. For those who choose to reject it, that is their problem. For those of us who DO accept it, we celebrate His birth. We have no need to give in to the wants of those destined for hell because they elect to refuse this wonderful gift from the Almighty Himself.

     Just this week we saw in Maryland where one county decided to take the religious holidays off the calendar to please the Muslims. Just how insane is this? This is America. Not Iraq, Saudi Arabia or some other sand trap country. WHY does the government keep giving in to them? This country was not founded on the beliefs of any religion but the Christian one. People know that before they come here too. If they choose to come to America then accept our culture AND our Christian faith. If they want to practice a different religion, then do it but leave ours alone. This is a great part of what made America the country that it is.

     I have said before that there were places, gated communities, where the association went to people and told them they had to take down their manger scenes. Really? Don't try that with me. This is another part of our great heritage that should not be changed to suit a minority unhappy about our beliefs.

     As the Klan, we stand united in our belief of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. One King, one Lord. No need for any others. Soon He will return again and this time in all His majesty and glory. All the deceived ones will know then who He is, but sadly, it will be too late for them. EVERY tongue will confess Him as the Son of God, and EVERY knee will bow before Him. For now, we will continue to kneel before Him and to worship Him fir who He really is. No Muslim or any other type of religion will change that. We will not surrender, we will not retreat and we will never deny the fact that He is Christ the King.

Again, as this most special season comes again, I wish my Lord and Saviour a most 


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