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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here, we are very strict about accepting people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Active drug users or drunks are denied immediately. If someone has been clean and/or sober for a good period of time then we take a closer look. Anyone caught using drugs can rest assured their membership will be terminated, unless they seek active rehabilitation and then they face a long period of probation. The same goes for drunks. We allow no alcohol at any business meetings or functions. We also do not allow members to drink, make calls and discuss business. IF someone calls you under the influence I want to know about it right away and I will handle it.

We have members who are recovering alcoholics and/or addicts, and as long as they are living a clean and sober life I am proud to call them brother, or sister. Should someone fall, or have a "slip", then we encourage them to bring it to our attention and we will help them deal with it. While we have little tolerance for active users, we are a family and we will not turn our backs on ones seeking proper help.

Addictions are a living hell. Only those "hooked" know just how totally devastating it can be to have such a problem. A.A. or N.A. has helped untold numbers to return to a normal life and become an active, helpful part of society and I recommend either highly. Nothing to be ashamed of in seeking help. The only dishonor comes when someone tries to use and hide it. They fool no one, including themselves. The inner turmoil this causes a person is a nightmare only a true addict can understand. There is never any inner peace, only oblivion caused by the alcohol or drug.

Crime is soaring because of hooked people. Many can't hold a job because of their addiction(s) and the only recourse they think they have is a life of crime. Prostitution, theft, armed robbery, etc., are the things many addicts turn to. Not much of a life and one surely the good Lord never intended for any of us. IF using has got you there, please seek help. There are numerous resources available for any who truly want help. Prison is definitely not a place where anyone wants to wind up. The cemetery is just as likely a stopping point. All for what? A living hell?

To any of our members who may have such a problem, contact a superior officer and tell them the truth. Ask for help and we will help you get it. IF for some unknown reason they won't, then contact me personally. I guarantee you I will help in any way I can. If we discover it on our own, chances are you will be put out. Deceit is not something we tolerate here. Help is something we have an over abundance of.

I have seen way too much hurt and death to let this topic be too "controversial"  to address. No, it is not a pleasant subject, or maybe even a popular one but one affecting so many people that we can not sit back and ignore it. In dealing with such a situation you may rest assured if you bring something to me/us, it will be kept in confidence. We do not publicize people's problems. As long as you are serious about getting the right help and straightening up your life we will support you all we can. Woe be to one I ever find that does discuss something this personal and private. Warning given.

Contrary to what some say, the Klan, (THIS Klan anyway) is a Christian order. Part of our Christian duty is to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Way too often when a person reaches out for help, some stomp a boot in their face instead of reaching out with a helping hand. Not here. As long as one is genuine in seeking help we will give it. We can't do it for them, but, we will help them with it.

As I stated earlier, we have members who are recovering. Some have openly admitted it to the others, some have not. This is certainly their choice and to those who have only confided in me, it will stay between them, me and God for as long as they want. Anything I can do to help a brother or sister remain clean and sober only brightens my life as a Christian.

Sad as it is, there are very few today who do not know of, or have/had a relationship with someone that either has or had a problem, who is in jail, dead, or any combination of. This is truly pitiful. Many of our youth get caught up in this life by giving in to peer pressure. (Anyone coercing you into using certainly is no friend. Far from it). Some get hooked by prescribed pain killers. Others it just seems to have "snuck up on". No matter the reason, the end results are the same. Don't be a victim. Fight back.

There is no shame or embarrassment in being straight, only in continuing in a life that surely leads to ruin. This Klan can be a real family with values, love and caring that will help you want to stay clean. Be part of something greater then yourself that offers fun, family values, Christian morals, and family that really cares about you. Submit an application today.

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